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CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE is an university with a focus on vocational and professional education. We have a number of senior professors who were well educated in the United States. They understand the bilateral cultural background and are eager to serve the international cooperation and exchange. The school has a close relationship with more than 20 universities in the United States and European, as well as several cultural and educational associations and organizations in the United States.

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Recently, CIS with the success of European and Asian education institutions for a cultural exchange activities for many universities, in order to further promote the vigorous development of the education activities in global, at the same time, will launch a number of professional training, language teaching, network teaching, video teaching, such as project, after winding up to graduation diploma, this diploma is widely popular in the field.

The educational mission of CIS is to meet the needs of today’s society, to connect with international education, and to create a bright future for students based on practical and active learning.