Graduate Program

Master of Science in Management (MSM)

Outstanding Academics essential business experience

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) provides students with the training in strategic planning and solution developments in business data analytics, marketing, global business and finance. Students will learn to use a variety of problem-solving techniques and gain experience in a diverse area of expertise.

M.S.M. Program Learning Objectives

  • Identify business-problems and develop solutions in logistics and analytics.
  • Master strategic business plans and implement them in global business environments.
  • Demonstrate mastery of written & oral communication skills targeting business audiences.
  • Demonstrate proficiency of quantitative data to utilize in business forecasting and implementing strategic business initiatives.
  • Comprehend the application of quantitative methods and analytics to enhance organizational outputs for decision-making and forecasting.
  • Embrace a global and diversity mindset with respect to Christian teachings, ethical principles and core personal values involved in business strategies.

Degree Requirements

The M.S.M. is conferred after satisfactory completion of sixty (60) quarter units for students. The Cumulative Grade Point Average for the degree must be a minimum 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The graduation requirements are summarized as follows:

Core Course 32 units
Electives Courses 28 units
Total Required 60 units

Students who have not completed their bachelor’s degree in business related area are required to complete the foundation courses (12 units) in accounting (4 units), economics (4 units), and business management (4 units) in addition to the 60 units of degree requirements.

Length of the program

The M.S.M. program must be completed within 4 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student. This time limit may be extended due to special extenuating circumstances with the Dean of Academic Affairs’ approval.


Master of Science in Management (M.S.M.) students must take the following:

Foundation Foundation courses are required for non-business undergraduate majors
or those students with insufficient background in
accounting (4 units), economics (4 units), and business management (4 units).
Core FNMG511. Financial Management (4 units)
MKTG500. Marketing Management (4 units) (h)
MSMG504. Leadership and Teams (4 units)
MSMG522. Statistics and Data Analysis (4 units)
FNMG533. Financial Markets and corporate Decision Making (4 units)
MSMG524. Data and Decision Making (4 units)
MSMG534. Data Science for Business Analytics (4 units)
ITMG513. Internet Business Technologies (4 units)
Electives Students may choose five (5) elective courses from the following courses:
MKTG531. Digital Marketing Implementation (4 units)
MGMT538. Multinational Management (4 units)
FNMG544. Investment Analysis (4 units)
ACCT510. Managerial Accounting (4 units)
ACCT511A. Financial Accounting 1 (4 units)
ACCT511B. Financial Accounting 2 (4 units)
ACCT520A. Tax Accounting 1 (4 units)
ACCT520B. Tax Accounting 2 (4 units)
ACCT530. Accounting Information Systems (4 units)
ACCT540. Auditing Seminar (4 units)
ACCT561. Non-profit Accounting (4 units)
MGMT510. Organizational Behavior (4 units) (h)
MGMT515. Business Statistics (4 units) (h)
MGMT522. Business Entrepreneurship and New Venture Information (4 units) (h)
MGMT530. Operations Management (4 units)
MGMT535. Project Management (4 units)
MGMT575. Internship (1 unit)
MKTG525. Consumer Behavior (4 units) (h)
ITMG510. Management Information Systems (4 units) (h)
ITMG545. Web Design and Management (4 units)
ITMG560. Computer Network Management (4 units) (h)
REMG500. Real Estate Management (4 units) (h)

The MSM is conferred after satisfactory completion of sixty (60) quarter units for students.
The Cumulative Grade Point Average for the degree must be a minimum 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.


*(h): Courses offered either On-Campus or Hybrid format

The courses are designed to give the student the opportunity to master specific skills vital to the business management process and to gain the essential knowledge required to successfully manage an organization. After completion of the program, students are expected to apply their acquired knowledge and skills and become confident in the accounting profession.

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