President’s Message

Welcome to California Institute of Science!

California Institute of Science is an institution of Higher Education with the highest Christian ethics and values. It was established with a vision to reach out and serve students in each of the United States of America with excellent programs of Christian Higher Education. Particularly, California Institute of Science specializes in offering degree programs of business administration on the undergraduate and graduate levels.

As the traditional boundary of the nation is no longer deemed a limitation for the scope of our mission, California Institute of Science expanded its vision to reach out and serve students of all nations. California Institute of Science, therefore, envisions serving not only locally, but also globally by providing a sound education with Christian values and inspiration.

California Institute of Science intends to make a difference in equipping our students with knowledge and skills in the area of business, management, marketing, finance and other related fields along with knowledge of biblical and theological perspectives so that by the time they finish their degrees, they can serve local and global communities, making a positive impact with their learned professions and skills.

California Institute of Science welcomes students locally and all over the world as we continue to build a strong community where there is meaningful interaction between faculty and students, staff and students, as well as among students themselves. In the next few decades, we envision serving students more effectively than any other institution in the area.

Please come and be a part of our growing community where you will become a leader to serve and impact society. I encourage you to come and learn more about the mission, goals, and values of California Institute of Science.