Student Services

Student services is committed to working closely with students by providing personalized attention and professional services. It seeks to develop a campus climate that brings together students, staff, faculty and the community. It facilitates and supports various activities to assist students in making a successful transition to the University Community and to prepare them for life after graduation.

Student Handbook

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Merit University, whether you are a newly enrolled or continuing student. You can download the Student Handbook to obtain general and day-to-day information and advice about student life at MU.

Download the Merit University Student Handbook 2020 (updated 06/2020)

New Student Orientation

Orientation is held at the beginning of each quarter for new students and is designed to familiarize them with campus facilities, policies and procedures, financial aid, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Career and Placement Services

The Career and Placement Services makes available the services of a coordinator who provides individual counseling as well as materials, references, and job listings designed to assist students in making short and long range vocational decisions. Workshops, employer interviews, and online job searches through the Internet help focus student choices. Appointments for counseling can be made through the main office.

Housing Services

All programs at Merit University are “non-residential.” MU does not hold dormitory facilities but is located in Los Angeles and is easily accessible by public transportation. Many different arrangements are available, for example: the rent of a studio or one bedroom apartment ranges from $800 to $1,500 monthly. The area offers a vast array of inexpensive restaurants, including many fast-food chains, and minimum monthly food costs are within an affordable range for city living. The institution has no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing.

Extra Curricular Activities

Every quarter the University hosts a luncheon for students, faculty, and staff to welcome new students and as a reunion for returning students. Commencement activities are a highlight for students, faculty, and staff who enjoy a luncheon following the ceremonies.

Student Government

All students are urged to participate in Merit University’s student government. This organization is recognized by the faculty and administration as important to the student’s education and cultural experience. Through their participation, students can provide information that assists both the faculty and administration in strengthening the academic program and improving the collegiate life at MU.