University Life

Welcome to the neighborhood

As a California Institute of Science student, you are part of a community built around breathtaking scenery, convenient housing, renowned dining, diverse social life and more. It’s all on campus waiting to be explored.


A safe and welcoming space to learn is integral to student success. Our programs ensure students have peace of mind and access to safety resources.

Social Life

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There are many options to enjoy in the neighborhood

When it’s time to eat, you have options. Taste, quality, healthy choices, sustainability, dietary restrictions and considerations all top the list, making this food scene the nation’s best. Look no further than this map to find your next meal.

The Campus Experience

It’s a time to challenge preconceived notions and pursue your passions. So jump in. Discover new lands through study abroad. Join an intercollegiate team. Volunteer in the community. Now is the time!